The average failure rate of disk & tape drives is 100%!

Most people don’t realise that all disk and tape drives fail at some point and the reality is that many businesses don’t do anything about it until it is too late! 

Thousands of businesses lose millions of pounds’ worth of data to disasters such as equipment failure, fires, power outages, and theft. Often just from simple human error. In almost every case, these UK businesses were horrified to find out their backups weren’t working when needed most rendering their critical data completely worthless!

You’ve already experienced some of the following issues with your tape drive:

Someone forgets to change the tapes, goes on holiday, or the person responsible leaves the company and the tape rotation plan falls through... Are the tapes being constantly monitored to make sure they are working?

Have you ever tried to recover data from your tape drive, only to discover how difficult it was, or that the data you thought was being backed up, in fact, wasn’t?  If so, you are not the only one to experience this.

Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate the risk and hassle of tape drive backups with our proven flexible backup solutions. The risk and hassles of tape backups can be eliminated finally and forever!

Don't wait until it too late like others have!

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Sunday, 22 January 2017
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